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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

This DIY Outdoor Patio couch is a great size for any sized patio: home, condo or apartment! Make it yourself by following along six simple steps.

This project was my first time building furniture from scratch. Thanks to @angelamariemade I was able to do-it-myself!

What I Used:

Step 1: Get your supplies!

Go to your local hardware store to pick up your supplies. I had to go to Home Depot and Canadian Tire for this project. It was impossible for me to buy outdoor stain that was not in a gallon size, so I just bought a regular stain in a small 236mL size and an exterior wood finish in a small 236mL size. EZ-PZ!

I got my wood cut at the hardware store. They usually cut it for no additional cost with purchase of the wood. Don't be afraid to ask, they are here to help! If you have a miter saw and have experience using a miter saw, you can cut it yourself. I encourage you to become comfortable with a miter saw or ask for help if you don't know how to use one. BE SUPER CAREFUL!

The cuts I used for the couch frame are as follows:

  • (4) 24 1/2 pieces (for leg frames)

  • (2) 25 7/8" pieces (for side frames)

  • (8) 22 7/8 pieces (for leg and bottom frames)

  • (5) 48 3/4" pieces (for back and front frames)

Step 2: Get building!

Drill your pocket holes using your Kreg jig on both sides of the following wood pieces:

  • (8) 22 7/8 pieces (for leg and bottom frames)

  • (5) 48 3/4" pieces (for back and front frames)

For full tutorial, you can view the original tutorial on Angela Marie Made's website here. The size of my couch is slightly different, so if you have any questions, please DM me on Instagram!

Step 3: Sand and condition the wood!

  • Using your electric sander, start sanding the couch. I started with 80 grit, then 120 grit, then 220 grit for ultimate smoothness. Reminder: This means you will have to sand the couch 3 times with different grits!

  • Once you are finished sanding your couch, wipe it down with a damp rag or cloth to remove all the wood particles from sanding.

  • OPTIONAL: After wiping down the couch, you can now apply your wood conditioner evenly to the entire couch with a 2" Foam Brush. I used Mixwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner 236mL from Canadian Tire. Using wood conditioner helps prevent the stain from streaking or blotching to help ensure a beautiful, even stain. Honestly, I have stained with and without wood conditioner and I would highly recommend using it!

Step 4: Stain your couch!

  • Cover the area where you are staining with a painting sheet or plastic from your house (I used the plastic from the cushions).

  • Allow the wood conditioner to dry (see how long it takes to dry on the wood conditioner you are using).

  • Apply wood stain with 2" Foam Brush (I used Varathane Dark Walnut) wiping the excess off with a rag.

  • Let couch sit overnight (or until it dries completely)

Step 5: Apply outdoor finish!

Step 6: Sit and enjoy!

This was a really fun project to work on and I look forward to making more. Patio makeover anyone?! Follow along on Instagram for more content!

Credit for DIY Outdoor Couch Plan and Tutorial:

Angela Marie Made

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